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Trust Deed Investments with Safe, Secure, High-Yield Returns & Low LTVs!

Trust Deed Investors

Dear Investor,

Finally, you can earn a consistent, double-digit return with our 1st Trust Deeds. This is a safe alternative to the stock market secured by real estate with a low Loan-To-Value (LTV) of 65% or less.

If you are tired of the bank paying you 1-4% on your hard earned deposits or the instability of the stock market ups and downs. Are you looking for a higher return on your money without giving up the safety and security of money markets or CDs?

It may be time to consider investing in First Trust Deeds. Our First Trust Deeds provide a consistent 8+% return on your money consistently and securely as well.

If you have have never invested in Trust Deeds then you are probably thinking to yourself right now, "What's the catch?"
However, if I may have your permission and some of your time today, then I'll explain exactly how it works, and more importantly, how we can help you benefit from it.

Knowing Property Value is Key

The number one rule of investing is buy low and sell high. Of course, this means you have to know what your investment is worth, otherwise you are just gambling like in Vegas.

Having been both investors for over 15 years and broker/lenders for over 5 years; knowing how much a property is worth is incredibly important to our business and protecting the capital of our private investor. With this knowledge we  lend money confidently on distressed real estate. Through the help of technology and years of experience we have become very accurate in determining the after repair value of a property and thus protecting investor capital.

We Protect Your Investment Capital

Protecting investment capital and limiting risk while increasing return on investment is a daily focus. We are very particular about the types of deals we fund.

All our PREIN Funding first trust deeds have a maximum loan to value ratio (LTV) of 65% of the after repair value (ARV), so not only are we in a first lien position we also have a 35% equity position in the property before any investment capital is at risk.

Where there is risk, there is reward. This is in no way a risk free investment, but it is a very rewarding investment secured by real estate with one of our first trust deeds. However, with LTVs always below 65%, Full 1003 Loan Application, down payments, cross-collateralization, and a managing partners' due diligence and approval we are very successful at lowering the investment risk.

We Look For Solid Borrowers, Not Just Solid Properties

We are an asset based lender and we don't have a minimum FICO requirement for our borrowers. Of course, even though the property is the primary focus in any real estate private funding transaction, we don't simply work with any & every borrower. Even the best property, with lots of equity, can lose money if a real estate investor drops the ball or doesn't pay attention to details.

This is why we perform due diligence on our borrowers thoroughly in addition to accurately valuing properties so we can properly vet all borrowers, consult where needed, and if we must - not lend funds.

Plus, we require our borrowers to invest a minimum of 10% or more of their own money on each and every property they finance with us. With that much skin in the game, you can be sure the investor will do everything they can to make the opportunity  work and payoff the loan.

You don't have to worry about a borrower with nothing to lose throwing up his hands and then walking away from the property and loan, leaving you holding the bag because they have too much to lose.

Safe, Consistent and Reliable 8+% Returns Secured by Real Estate

By maintaining our underwriting criteria guidelines of a strict maximum 65% loan to value ratio based on the after repair value (ARV), accurate property valuations, and borrowers that have been vetted as well as are invested in their own success, PREIN Funding first trust deeds can deliver the one thing most investments can't... consistent and reliable returns on investment capital far exceeding the returns available from CD's, T-Bills or Bonds without the volatility of mutual funds, stocks, commodities and precious metals.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can earn consistent 8+% returns on your investment, give us a call at James (512) 270-0724 or Contact Us via the contact form.

And until we hear from you… I wish you the very best of success!


To your success,

James Pickett, Principal/Managing Partner
Isaiah Fox, Principal/Managing Partner

PS: Want to Invest With Us? It's easy to get started: If you want a source of high-quality first trust deed investment opportunities with sub-65% LTVs, why not call or email us right now?

Our number is James (512) 270-0724 or you can simply click the Contact Us link and you'll be on your way. We look forward to hearing from you.

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